Hair Fashion that can prove to be damaging

Hair Fashion that can prove to be damaging

There is nothing bad about adopting hair fashion but you need to be aware of the damages that come along with it. Hair ointments, creams and gels contain a lot of hazardous contents which damage the hair on a permanent scale. Some of these treatments loosens the roots of the hair and result in permanent baldness as well. Given below are some hair fashions which can damage your hair.

Hair Fashion that can prove to be damaging

  • Rebounding

Rebounding also called permanent straightening undoubtedly gives a very attractive look to the hair. However, to give this look, hair stylists apply various chemicals to the scalp. This causes serious damage and root loosening. Even if you have thick hair, you should not opt for this hair fashion. According to a lot of people who have opted for rebounding treatment, it has resulted in permanent bald patches.

  • Regular application of gel

There is no doubt that hair gel keeps your hair in one positon and prevents it from flying. In other words, you do not have to comb it time and again. This also has a flip side. Hair gel causes weakening and whitening of hair. In the long run, the chances of getting bald also exist.

Hair Fashion that can prove to be damaging 2

  • Hair color and streaks

Females in particular are very fond of getting their hair colored. A lot of them do not realize that this practice takes off the actual color of your hair resulting in whiteness. On the other hand, only reputed hair color brands do not result in baldness. Most hair color brands have very adverse effects on the health of the hair. The problem starts when the hair color starts coming off. This is when you will notice an increase in hair whitening. People apply hair color again to cover this deficiency. However, this is not a solution by any means. The application of hair color on continuous basis eventually results in a head full of white hair.

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