How Many turns on a garage door spring?/ Must Read Guide Before Repairing Door Springs!


Lifting and closing your garage door is easy. It feels so lightweight to you. Isn’t it? However, that’s not the case. The garage doors are way heavier, but the torsion springs weigh 750 pounds with ease.

Typically, people hire a professional to repair a broken door spring. Nevertheless, some people try to repair it themselves. And often they ask, “How many turns are on a garage door spring?”

Since they know the importance of turns on the garage door springs.

You’ll get a clue about that in this piece of writing.

Please stay with us!


Garage Door Turns Chart That You Can Follow!

Height Of Your Garage’s Door Full Turns Quarter Turns 
6’6’’             7 28
7 Feets 7 ¾ 31
7’6’’ 8 32
8 Feet tall 8 ¾ 35


When putting on garage door springs, how many turns should you make?

It’s easy to determine the number of turns your garage door springs need. The turns your spring needs depend on the height of the garage door.

For each foot of garage door height, your torsion springs should be turned one full turn, and then ¾ turns should be added at the end.

For a typical 7-foot garage door to open, it will take 7 turns plus ¾  full turns. full turns will be in total. Due to the fact that this guideline applies to all situations, the number of turns will vary depending on the height of your garage door.

In the case of an 8-foot door, then you’ll have to put 8¾ full turns. It will take 10¾ turns to open a 10-foot door, for example.

After putting the turns on the doors, test them to see if they’re balanced properly or not. For instance, the behaviour of the door may indicate that it is not correctly balanced if it is a little too heavy at the bottom or snappy at the top.

If the door isn’t balanced, then you’ll have to reconsider the number of turns that have to be made.

So, that’s how many turns you have to put on a garage door spring. For any confusion, hit me up in the comment section. We’ll try our best to assist you!

If you want our team to repair your garage door springs, then reach out to us through this garage door spring repair poquoson service page.

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