Ways to Relax Your Mind and Body You Wouldn’t Have Considered

It has just become part of life that you are going to be stressed. Some people are good at handling, managing to make their way through all of their stress with ease. For the rest of us, stress can take a serious toll on our mental and physical health.


And while there are the traditional methods to relax, sometimes, it just takes something different to get you to that quiet place. If you are looking for alternatives to Yoga and Meditation, below are some great ideas.


Go away!

First on the list is to take a vacation! That’s right! You keep saying to yourself that you are so stressed that you need to take a vacation. Well, do it! Even if it’s just a weekend away camping or a week away at the beach, whatever your mind and body need, provide it!



Hold on! Before you stop reading or skip to the next tip, hear this one out. This idea doesn’t come in the form of recommending you to join your local kickboxing league. No, instead it just means to find a local health and fitness center or a gym which offers boxing classes and take one up. While it may not seem like something you would usually be interested in, an hour of punching and kicking a weighted punching bag can do wonders for your stress levels.



While you may be used to making a joke about your father going fishing and how boring it is, the reality is that your father is on to a great relaxation technique. Sports like fly fishing require you to do nothing more than stand in a pool of calmly flowing water and listen to the sounds of nature while you wait for a fish to make its way to your bait. That’s it!


While it can seem dull on the surface, the action is very relaxing, with more and more people visiting sites like the Groupon Coupons page for West Marine to get their gear and get started.



If you love the water then you are going to love this idea. Instead of getting in a lap pool and doing laps until your body can’t take it anymore, find yourself a more relaxed body of water, such as a safe public lake or river and swim and play in the water. The idea isn’t to exhaust your body or your mind, it’s simply to give you a feeling of supported weightlessness, which is a great distress tool.

Relax Your Mind and Body With Yoga


Last, but certainly not least is gardening. Often thought of as a hobby for the elderly, younger people are beginning to discover the health and relaxation benefits which come from gardening. You don’t have to create a full-on vegetable patch, something as simple as trimming your bushes or even just weeding your garden can work as a great method to reduce stress and help relax your mind and body.


Just because an idea on this list doesn’t seem like something you would immediately be interested in, give it a second and maybe a third thought and then take the chance! What’s the worst that can happen? You end up less stressed?

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