4 Expert Tips to Soothe Stressed Skin: Care and Treatments


The secret to the beauty of the skin lies in the power conferred upon the immunity of the whole organism. Just like the body, the skin also has an immune system with its own cells, which are responsible for the defense of the skin. However, the specialist reveals that these immune functions decline over time, frequent sun exposure and, especially, stress.

How to reverse the stress evil on the skin?

Recent scientific studies indicate that stress is actually capable of causing blemishes and wrinkles, in addition to acting as an important trigger in the onset of diseases like acne, eczema and hair loss. To avoid all these consequences of a stressed skin, here are some treatment suggestions to soothe your skin:

  1. Probiotics to reduce inflammation

The administration of probiotic capsules, such as PGT1, which enhances skin immunity, also decreases inflammation and restores skin barrier function. FC Oral capsules are also important, as they therefore act to decrease inflammation by also protecting cell membranes.

  1. Creams to prevent stains

Researchers say that some creams can help control the effects of hormones on the skin. Cosmetic creams with active compounds can decrease the production of melanin in the skin. This causes the stain caused by stress to decrease.


  1. Products for excessive oiliness

Creams with active oils that control oiliness are also indicated in people who have increased production of sebum caused by stress.

In any case, experts recommend that a patient who feels that their skin is responding negatively to stress should seek help from a physician to evaluate and prescribe the most appropriate oral or topical treatment.

  1. Essential oil

Whatever type skin, age and environment you have, you should be familiar with that fish and flaxseed oil have essential fatty acids to hydrate and soothe your skin by avoiding several damaging effects.

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