The top 3 hair styles for men

Hair cut with skin fade

Hair proves to be a very important part of any style statement. If you have healthy hair, you can adopt a variety of hair styles according to the occasion. Styles change according to trends followed by celebrities.

  • Hair cut with skin fade

Hair cut with skin fade

This is definitely one of the most attractive haircuts for men. If you opt for this design, you would have to shave the sides of your head. Some people do not shave the sides off completely but fade them on a major scale. Apply a lot of gel on the top part of your head and dry them in an inclined position. You need to use a hair dryer for this purpose. Along with that, use a hair gel that provides a strong hold with wet look. This hair style is not suitable for people who do not have thick hair.

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  • Long hair straightened gel back look

Long hair straightened gel back look

For someone who has long straight hair, this hair style is one of the best options that can be considered. You do not have to do a lot of hard work to make it. Simply use a straightener and straighten your hair. This should even be done when you have naturally straight hair. Once you have straightened your hair, simply apply hair gel and comb it in the backward direction. After that let it dry. You can even opt for a high look by doing some back combing. However, if you have curly or wavy hair, this hair style should not be among your preferences.

  • Spikes


The spikes hair cut has many versions. Some people like to have long spikes with the remaining hair being one inch long.  These days, very short spikes is in vogue as this style has been adopted by a lot of famous celebrities including Christiano Ronaldo.

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