CapSkinz – Slip a CapSkinz Over Your Baseball Cap To Protect And Transform It


CapSkinz is a recent innovation set to offer protection to baseball caps and headwear against moisture, dust, UV damage, stains and other element of the environment. It is the first of its kind. CapSkinz is made with a thin water-resistant fabric outer layer that prevents penetration of these elements into the baseball caps. CapSkinz is made to be so flexible such that it easily wraps around the whole cap without distorting the shape and style of the headwear.

CapSkinz provides a comfortable and secure fit for your baseball caps and hats. It includes drawstring pouch, leaving it extremely portable. Hence, wherever you and your baseball cap go, CapSkinz is readily available to go with you. CapSkinz is made to extend the life of your favorite cap as it offers full protection against fading and stains, keeping your caps and hats sparkling new always. CapSkinz is strong and durable and can provide a lasting protection against unfavorable weather and other environmental elements.


CapSkinz is water resistant, therefore, allowing water and even rain to run off the cap rather than seep into the fabric. Hence providing optimal protection for your caps. CapSkinz is made with a wind resistant fabric that appears more like cotton. CapSkinz is your guaranteed protection in all weather. CapSkinz can also serve as an added custom fashion piece to your wardrobe. With CapSkinz, you can add custom graphics, designs and logos to display support for your team. CapSkinz comes in varieties of colours to effectively match all your clothing. Create a twist in style and fashion with CapSkinz and look your best.

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