Fashion Trends 2022: Colour is the New Black


Black, white and neutrals are, without any doubt, the timeless hues in every woman’s wardrobe. But the time has come to freshen up classic outfits and introduce some colourful shades to spice up your look and to bring some joy into the world. Tired of bad news and restrictions, the fashion world is looking into a brighter future and colour has been declared the new black in 2022.


Read on to see how to make the most out of this trend.

Why Wearing Bright Colours is a Good Idea

Warm colours like red, pink, orange, and yellow bring us joy and make us happy. The brighter the colour, the more optimistic it will generally make us feel.

Colours carry a happy connotation and typically bring to mind the charm of a summer day. Wearing bright colours makes the day brighter. It can be a way to boost your own mood as well as that of those around you. On a dull day it may be tempting to hide behind darker neutrals but brighter tones have the ability to trick the mind into a better day.

Add Spice to Your Outfits with Colourful Basics

Tops, dress shirts, sweaters and blazers are wardrobe basics but instead of going for neutrals, now is the time to go colourful. Timeless silhouettes in bright tones will allow you to experiment with new colours without making you feel like you are going too far.

A brightly coloured top can easily bring life to any outfit and make it stand out. It is more than enough to elevate the look and can be paired with items in neutral tones – brown, tan, white, and grey. These are all perfect for making the colour pop while providing a failsafe overall look.

Business shirts are another option for adding some colour to your outfits. With its classic cut and timeless design, a dress shirt will always look polished and smart.

Experiment with Pastels

Colour doesn’t have to be in your face. Pastels and softer hues like soft pink and light blue work wonderfully without the outfit being loud.

It is easy to find work appropriate items – pencil skirts, dresses, and dress shirts – in pastel colours. The best thing – these soft pinks and blues are incredibly versatile and pair perfectly with almost every other colour in your wardrobe.

Colourful Accessories

There are a thousand ways to brighten up your looks with brightly coloured accessories. It could be anything from scarves, belts, handbags, or shoes.

Copenhagen-based stylist Emil Sindlev has some sound advice about incorporating colour into the outfits: “My advice would be to start with colourful accessories and then when you are ready, jump into full outfits, but stay within the same colour range to start with. That makes it easier as you build up the courage to go all-in across colour palettes.”

Indeed, dressing head-to-toe in colours may be intimidating, but adding a bright blue scarf or wearing bold pink pumps is definitely doable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

Wearing colourful clothes is all about enjoying yourself. There is nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd and having people notice you. If you do choose to wear colours, wear them with confidence for the best outcome!

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