The correct fashion for summers

Feel comfortable

Weather plays a pivotal role in deciding what you wear. It is obvious that no one would like to wear long coats when the weather is 35 or 40 degrees. During summers, go for something that is light. You need to be sure about the fabric as well. Heavy fabric can cause a lot of itching when the body starts to sweat. Here are few key tips that can help you in selecting the correct summer fashion.

  • Feel comfortable

Feel comfortable

During summers, the most important thing for anyone is to feel comfortable with what he or she wears. If you are wearing silk or leather, you would immediately start sweating. Full sleeves should not be an option to consider when you have high temperatures. You can opt for half sleeves or three quarter sleeves according to your preferences.

  • Opt for light colors

Opt for light colors dress

During summers, the color that you wear makes a lot of difference as well. Dark colors like black, blue or dark brown would make you feel hotter. Thus, opt for light shades like siege green, light blue or light mustard. You can even use a combination of light and dark colors. For instance, you can wear a dark colored pant with a light colored T shirt or top. The point is that you should wear light colors mostly as

  • The correct fabric

The correct fabric

Irrespective of style of suiting that you prefer, you should not select a heavy fabric for summers. In case of suiting, even tropical fabric can make you sweat. You should go for light fabric only suited for summers for your formal suiting. For casual T shirts and jeans, opt for light material that allows air to pass through. If your fabric is heavy and air is not passing through, you would have itching when the temperature would be high and your body would start to sweat.

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