Following fashion suggestions by celebrities

Wear according to your body structure

All of us like to look like our favorite celebrities. We like adopting the same hairdo or buying the same shirt worn by our favorite anchor or singer. To look good, you need to be sure that you are wearing the correct outfit or adopting the right hairdo. Here are some key fashion tips recommended by famous celebrities.

  • Wear according to your body structure

Wear according to your body structure

Everything does not suit everyone but people fail to understand this point. A lose top will not lose someone who has a slim body frame. To look good, the first thing that you need to do is pick clothes according to your body structure. You can opt for loose clothes if you have a broad body frame. Similarly, if you have a small body frame, you should opt for tight fitted tops.

  • Select a proper color theme

Select a proper color theme

You will see that celebrities always have a well-defined color theme for their outfit even if are carrying vibrant shades. How can you select a good color theme for yourself? Complexion matters a lot in this connection. If you are dark or tanned, do not opt for colors like black, dark brown or dark blue.  Colors like white, light green or red would suit you. On the other hand, if you have fair complexion, you can opt for dark shades as well.

  • Keep changing your dressing style

Keep changing your dressing style

Following fashion simply means modifying your wearing style. If you continue wearing the same type of clothes, you would not remain in vogue. For instance, if you have been wearing short tops for a while, you can switch to long tops and modify your style. Similarly, if you have been wearing long pants, you can switch to capris or short pants. If you are a guy, you can try six pocket cargo pants for a change. According to most celebrities, you should always be experimenting with what you wear.

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