How to select shoes for your workplace?

Physical movement

There is no standard process to select footwear for workplace. It depends on the profession that you have the number of work hours you need to put in. For example, a painter and a gym instructor would not have the same preferences of shoes. A painter might opt for light weighted books while a gym instructor would select joggers preferably with air tubes. Here is how you can select appropriate shoes for your work place.

  • Nature of work

Nature of work

Selection of shoes for workplace varies with the profession that you have and the working environment. If you are working in a bank or a multinational company, you would have to wear formal shoes preferably made of leather. Black is the recommended color in this relation. On the other hand, if you are a call center professional, you would not be required to wear formal shoes as you would not be having face to face public interaction. Similarly, if you are a sports trainer or fitness instructor, light weighted joggers would be suitable for you.

  • Physical movement

Physical movement

Do you need to walk a lot at your work place? If yes then you should opt for light weighted sneakers. For instance, sales executives who need to do a lot of outdoor work wear semi-formal light weighted shoes even when their attire is formal. If you have a standard 9 to 5 job and you do not have to move a lot, you can opt for formal leather shoes or even light weighted boots.

  • Medical condition of your feet

Medical condition of your feet

If you have continuous pain in your ankles or muscle ache in the lower part of your feet, you should be careful about selecting shoes for workplace. If you have to sit for long hours, opt for light weighted shoes made of canvas. Such shoes are easily available for both genders.

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