How to choose the correct casual shoes?

How to choose the correct casual shoes

Being casual does not mean selecting something that would look cheap. You should select shoes that have a long life span and look sober. Casual shoes having net finish on the outside get torn out easily while shoes with a leather finish have a longer life. In case of casual shoes, you have a larger number of options as compared to formal shoes. Here are few factors you need to consider to select casual shoes.

How to choose the correct casual shoes

  • The correct color

Apart from the comfort level, the color casual shoes is quite important. Try not to pick brown or black colored casual shoes as most of us select these colors for formal shoes. You can always opt for vibrant colors like blue, dull green or even medium grey.  The selection of color would also depend on the clothes which you want to wear with the shoes.

  • Category of shoes

When you talk about casual shoes, you have a large variety to choose from. You can buy sneakers, joggers and even boots. It depends on your personal preference. However, a lot of people do not prefer boots due to their weight. On the other hand, if you want to buy casual shoes for wearing with a pair of jeans, you can opt for a pair of joggers or boots. Thus, the category of casual shoes selected depends on the clothes you are planning to wear.

How to choose the correct casual shoes 2

  • Lifespan

For people who work 9 to 5 for five days in a week, casual shoes are not used on a regular scale. Hence, do not opt for shoes which would get spoilt due to lack of use. Usually dust marks appear on casual shoes made of soft leather. It is quite hard to clean these dust marks. Casual shoes made of artificial leather are quite easy to clean.

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