Tips to select a good hair style for your wedding

Avoid too much gel and back comb

The wedding day is a special day for every human being and everyone wants to look amazing on that day. The hairdo carries special importance as well. However, copying celebrities is not the only factor important for selecting a wedding hair style. You need to opt for a hairdo that suits you and makes you feel comfortable.

  • Avoid too much gel and back comb

Avoid too much gel and back comb

When you want your hair to remain in one place, the stylist has just one solution for it and that it is to apply loads of gel. This can do long term damage to your hair.  In addition to that, gel will only suit your hair if it has the needed thickness. If you have thin hair, the application of gel would make you look bald. If you have thin hair, you can tell your stylist to apply a little mousse and back comb it with a dryer to get an inclined look. You should not experiment with anything new on the wedding day. In other words, tell your stylist to try the hair style few days before the wedding.

  • Keep the length short

Keep the length short

The length of hair does give a positive or negative impression to your hairdo. If you are a guy, long hair is not the most preferable option. Spikes or inclined crew cut is something that you can look at. If the hair length is short, you can opt for a number of hair styles.

  • Light hair streaks

Light hair streaks

Hair streaks look extremely attractive whether you are a male or a female. As a guy, you can opt for light gray hair streaks in the front portion of your hair. The color selection would also depend on the hair cut that you have. In case of females, light red and bronze are the two color options which you can look at. The color selection for females can vary with the color combination of their suiting.

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