Bikinis For You to Raze in the Summer

Bikinis For You to Raze in the Summer

Learn how prints, cutouts, and embroidery can help enhance your silhouette.

The curtain models of Bikinis & Tankinis with top applications is suitable for women with little breast who wish to value the bust. Bet on models with embroidery, frills and prints are to further enhance the body.

The curtain models of one-pieces preferred among women is indicated for middle-breasted women. The lower part is indicated for those who have the shoulder wider than the hip. The horizontal stripes give a sense of amplitude.

Bikinis For You to Raze in the Summer

Some bikini models are for women with small breasts and wide hips. The top print helps to enhance the bust and panties with the wider sides disguise the hips.

The bikini model with bow on the bottom helps to enhance the bottom and still serves to lengthen the body of the lower women. A good trick is to lightly lift the side laces, thus giving the feeling of more elongated legs.

Cover-Ups are ideal bikini model for women who wish to value the bust to hide their hips. The tummy tuck with the strips in the central part helps to enlarge the breasts, while the wider underside helps to disguise the hip size.

The single-breasted bikini model is designed for women with small to medium-sized breasts. Details with metal fittings on the top and bottom leave the bikini more sophisticated. And do not forget that the yellow color is indicated for those who already have the tan in day.

Another option for those who prefer smooth bikinis is to choose a model that has details on other materials or different cuts. This pattern with leather and cord detailing matches well with women in the hip and middle breasts.

For women with larger breasts, a bikini model with the thicker straps for support is indicated. To disguise the bust, bet on Cover-Ups with a flat bottom.

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